AL80xx Highly dynamic linear servomotors

AL80xx | Highly dynamic linear servomotors

The new AL8000 linear motor series is suitable for highly dynamic and powerful linear axes and includes three primary part widths (AL802x, AL804x, AL806x) with matched winding types and matching secondary parts (AL852x, AL854x, AL856x). Due to an optimized product design and a modular coil concept, the AL8000 series achieves high peak forces in the smallest of mounting spaces. With various overall motor widths and magnetic plate lengths, the modular product range offers great flexibility and adaptability for applications in the 400 V AC voltage range. A peak force of 6750 N for high-power applications is available in the water-cooled AL806x variant. The linear motors are ideally matched for use with the AX8000 multi-axis servo system and the AX5000 Digital Compact Servo Drive.

Apart from the wide availability and flexibility, inhouse development and production of the motors in Germany guarantees a constantly high manufacturing quality, suitable for realizing durable and highly reliable applications with linear motor technology. Individual application requirements can be implemented through the modular overall length concept: the number of coils in the motor can be varied in such a way that the resulting motor forces are tailored precisely to the application, but the primary part is not any longer than necessary. The AL8000 linear motors are fully integrated into the drive system: The TwinCAT engineering component TC3 Motion Designer (TE5910) enables optimally tailored drive design, taking into consideration all relevant system parameters in combination with the AX8000 and AX5000 servo drives. The engineering component TC3 Drive Manager 2 (TE5950) offers full support for the AL8000 and guides users systematically through the commissioning process. For optimization, all drive parameters can be monitored and adjusted during ongoing operation.

Another advantage for commissioning is the combined cable for power supply and temperature contact: it not only reduces the material costs, but also enables considerable savings of assembly time. The connection cable is optionally available pre-assembled with matching connector or an open cable end with free cores.

Technical data
Motor type 3-phase synchronous linear servomotors
Rated supply voltage 400…480 V AC
Magnet material neodymium-iron-boron
Insulation class thermal class B (130 °C)
Magnet pitch 24 mm
Air gap 0.50 mm
Protection class IP 64
Cooling convection, permissible ambient temperature 40 °C, optionally: water cooling
Temperature sensor integrated in stator winding
Connection method round plug connector or open cable ends
Approvals/markings CE, EAC, UL in preparation
ZK45xx-8xxx Supply cables AM8000, AM8500, AM8800
TE5950 TC3 Drive Manager 2
Product announcement
estimated market release 3rd quarter 2020