The BACnet solution from Beckhoff: scalable performance and wide range of functions

Open, flexible, and scalable: The BACnet/IP solution from Beckhoff

With its BACnet/IP system, Beckhoff is offering one of the most open and flexible solutions available on the market today. And with its certification for Revision 12, Beckhoff has also implemented one of the most current versions of BACnet/IP. That way, designers of technical building systems and building automation systems benefit from a broad range of state-of-the-art features.

The BACnet/IP solution allows users to access all BACnet objects directly from the PLC and visualisation system to monitor and if required modify their status. Prefinished PLC blocks reduce the engineering effort to a minimum. The flexibility offered by Beckhoff via the company’s finely scaled product portfolio is also unique. Users can choose from controllers designed for a few hundred to thousands of BACnet objects, enabling them to configure a solution which perfectly meets their specific needs in terms of cost and performance.

Beckhoff controllers also support the BACnet Building Controller profile (BBC). Besides its use as a server, the new BACnet/IP solution features a wide range of client functions to ensure maximum user flexibility and an efficient communication with other BACnet devices. The largest benefit of the Beckhoff solution is its ability to automatically generate BACnet objects. Assuming thousands of BACnet objects are involved, being able to generate them at the click of a button enables considerable time and cost savings in project creation and configuration. more


System overview

System overview: shows all BACnet products from Beckhoff


CX8091: Embedded PC with a switched Ethernet port for BACnet and OPC UA.


CX9020: The connection for the Beckhoff I/O systems is directly integrated (automatic E-bus/K-bus recognition.


CX5010: Fanless Embedded PC with Intel® Atom™ processor and 1.1 GHz clock frequency in a compact magnesium housing


CX5020: Compared to the CX5010, the CX5020 Embedded PC has an Intel® Atom™ processor with 1.6 GHz


TwinCAT: The Beckhoff TwinCAT BACnet/IP product line received BACnet certification corresponding to the worldwide ISO 16484-5:2012 standard.

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