New features TwinCAT 3.1

New Features TwinCAT 3.1

One of the many advantages gained by the integration of TwinCAT 3 into Visual Studio® is the possibility to use source code control procedures which are already familiar from IT for software engineering in automation. Thus, management and revision control of complete configurations and the required program code are much simplified. TwinCAT Automation Interface provides a simple interface for automatic code generation. It enables complete configurations for I/O and Motion along with the corresponding program code to be generated automatically. With version 3.1, TwinCAT Scope is also integrated in Visual Studio®. New channels can be easily created by drag & drop. A link to the source code administration and the automation interface is directly integrated.

The core-isolation mode of TwinCAT 3.1 enables individual cores of multi-core CPUs to be reserved for the exclusive use of TwinCAT. Moreover, 64-bit and CE versions are supported as a platform for the TwinCAT runtime alongside 32-bit operating systems.

TwinCAT Scope

In TwinCAT 3.1, Scope is completely integrated into Visual Studio® including configuration and display functions. The Scope configuration is managed as an individual measurement project. Links to the Automation Interface and the source code administration tools are already integrated.

New Features in TwinCAT 3.1 Build 4022

General Features

  • Multi-dongle support – use of more than one TC3 dongle in the same system
  • Automatic detection of TC3 USB dongle – no further dongle configuration required
  • Platform level downgrade option for TC3 dongles
  • ADS over MQTT – additional transport channel for ADS
  • Integrated PLC library TC3_IotBase for TF6701 IoT Communication
  • New node “Type System”
  • Share data types between TwinCAT projects via file
  • New .tnzip support – archiving of different projects in one file (i.e. TwinCAT project + Scope project)

PLC Features

  • Standalone PLC: PLC project can be separated from TwinCAT project
  • New symbolic mapping as a basis for standalone PLC
  • Multiple instances of the same PLC project possible
  • Zoom function in Structured Text editor
  • Expand/Collapse code segments identified with "region“
  • IntelliSense in CFC
  • Library Manager shows special icon when placeholder is redirected
  • Compiler detects write access to located input variables (with %I*)
  • New JSON and XML parser

TwinCAT Scope View

  • New Overwrite Mode to clear the chart display after display time
  • New Clear Display option for Restart and Stop Display Trigger
  • New oversampling support for trigger channels
  • New scaled values in Tool Tip of data marks
  • New Support Information Report Tool

New Features in TwinCAT 3.1 Build 4020

General Features

  • Support for Windows 10 (runtime and engineering)
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015
  • Setup delivers Visual Studio Shell 2013 instead of Visual Studio Shell 2010
  • Remote Manager – allows handling of more than one TwinCAT XAE engineering environment on an IPC. Completely integrated into Visual Studio.
  • Security management integrated – source code encryption, user management a.o.
  • Support for EL6070 license key with memory to store TwinCAT Response File
  • TwinCAT Compare Tool integrated into Visual Studio (stand-alone version will be available)
  • New easy configuration of EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP) using graphical editor

PLC Features

  • Refactoring with rename and reorder functions
  • Update graphical editors
  • Update cross reference list
  • Memory view function implemented
  • Export and import of PLC settings
  • Context-sensitive help function implemented
  • New handling for NOVRAM with retain memory. Configuration of retain handlers on NOVRAM device
  • Method calling from PLC to PLC

C++ Features

  • New handling for NOVRAM with new date area. Configuration of retain handlers on NOVRAM device
  • Method calling from C++ to PLC
  • STL improvements: Set, Stack, Wstring; various algorithms
  • Automation Interface for C++ Modules with enhanced features

New Features – TwinCAT 3.1, Build 4018

TwinCAT Base System

  • TwinCAT Loader for encrypted and signed ".sys" modules

TwinCAT Realtime

  • Support of Cache Allocation Technology
  • Increased performance for NUMA architectures
  • Check of stack overflow
  • Increased diagnostics with isolated cores


  • Support of TF6311 TCP/UDP RT: Access Ethernet ports out of realtime environments
  • Added advanced DC diagnostics to analyze the timing of each cyclic frame
  • Better diagnostic support for EtherCAT slaves
  • Added realtime support for the serial ports of the CX5100 Embedded PC


  • PROFINET certification v2.31 is available
  • Support netload class 3
  • Enhancements for network management (SNMP and MIBs)
  • Save PROFINET parameterisation data on the PROFINET device
  • Improved diagnostics behaviour


  • Support of MS2 services for master and slave
  • Support of I&M functions
  • Access StationNo via ADS


  • Refactoring – easy update of changes all over the PLC
  • Performance updates
  • Upgraded library handling
  • Display of precompile errors
  • TwinCAT PLC HMI included


  • Improved download and verification speed
  • Checking of hardware addresses for safety I/O terminals now optional
  • Improved handling of Relative NetIds

TwinCAT XAE Debugger

  • Display values for arrays in watch windows
  • Optimisations in disassembler
  • TwinCAT loader supported

TwinCAT TMC Editor and Code Generator

  • Model validation with check for duplicate data areas
  • Support for default values of type value, enum and string
  • Deployment dialog with add/remove files and add/remove symbol files
  • List Views for data types, parameters, methods, symbols and data areas
  • Template for RT instantiable module class
  • Revised code generation for bit fields

TwinCAT Public SDK

  • STL support for vector, map, list and string
  • Floating point support in sprintf
  • Added library chkstk.lib to support variables larger than 4 KB on stack

TwinCAT Motion Control

  • New added NC axis symbols for TwinCAT Scope to improve diagnostics
  • Customised NC functions to read/write I/O for encoder and drive
  • New FB MC_CamInfo_V2 that contributes information about the actual coupling situation of each tabular (MultiCam)
  • Improved automatic offset correction for multi-cam tables
  • Improved integration of drive feedback by adding "actual torque"
  • Block search for NCI available